Monday, September 7, 2009

Busy Buddies

Knox and Levi are so full of life right now. I can hardly keep up. Now that Levi is crawling and pulling up, we have entered a whole new situation. The other night I was washing Knox's hands after he used the bathroom and I turned around to find Levi swishing his hand around in the toilet. It seems like the toilet is a big splash park for him; I can't keep him away from it. We have to throw a towel over the lid so that he wont grab all over the seat.

Doesn't he look mischievous?

Knox is still all into sports, but is also very fascinated by bugs right now. He is also into pretend play- the type that includes enemies that he must beat down with a broom handle. We march around the garden, into the woods, and under the apple trees to "fight the enemies". I think Ty started the whole scenario and Knox became obsessed with it.

Since Levi is so busy, Knox has done his best to protect him. Tonight I heard them both by the stairs and Knox said "mom, Levi is trying to climb the stairs", and then he told Levi "no, no, your mom doesn't want you to come up here". He hugs him a lot and they crawl around and play chase. It's really fun to see them interacting now.

We're enjoying our time in CT and my mom and dad have been such a blessing. They have dealt well with a house full of chaos and baby/toddler mood swings.

A night for marshmallow roasting

Knox and I were painting rocks into animals and in the middle of our fun I had to go get Levi up from his nap. I told him several times about not getting it on his hands and the rule about not mixing the paints together. He followed my rules but...

PJ Playdough time

This is Levi in an outfit that my grandmother made for my dad when he was a baby. Notice that it's a little tight around the tummy area.

My old high school basketball clothes- he was ready to play dress-up


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Having Fun!

This summer has been dedicated to visiting friends and family. We've had a great time thus far and spending time together has been wonderful. We've spent a lot of time outdoors, gone to a few baseball games, and are reading plenty of new books. Knox is all into sports, so that hasn't changed much. Levi has really changed just in the past week. It seems he hit 9 months and is a whole new person. He is crawling, pulling up, giving kisses, and saying mama. Knox has definitely seen all the changes and seems to be going through a jealousy streak. Let's just say, he's a little more aggressive towards Levi lately. We'll get through it and they'll be great buddies in a year or so when Levi can hold his ground.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Little Levi... getting big

Our Levi is now 8 months old. He weighs over 20 pounds and is the happiest little thing you've ever seen. His sweet disposition is manifested in the way he grins at us, laughs at his brother, and loves on the kitty. He's been battling an ear infection, but I only knew because he was clingy and a little fussy. When he's been so easy and agreeable, you know when something is bothering him. He loves food, hence the larger weight, and he has begun scooting on his tummy and sitting himself up from a stomach position. Any day now, the crawling will begin.

Museum Birthday

There is a wonderful museum in Raleigh called Marbles. We went for Knox's birthday and had a blast. The dress up and pretend play was especially cool for the toddlers. We were a little scared about letting him in the hockey rink with a stick, but he actually kept the stick down, scored a few goals, and didn't injure anyone. Levi even got in on the action when we played on the pirate ship. Here's a few pics of the fun we had.

Preschool- first and last

My sweet boy is done with his first year of preschool. I can't believe it. Notice in the pictures that, although he is older, the mischievousness is still there.

First Day of Preschool

Last Day of Preschool

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Knox's 3rd Birthday

We celebrated Knox's 3rd Birthday this past weekend. He has been planning his baseball birthday party for the past six months. To say he likes baseball is an understatement. We play EVERY day.
We had a few friends for a cookout at the park. The kids played on the playground and also had their own ball game going on in the field. Knox was especially excited about the Little League players that were playing in the fields that day. We couldn't keep him near the party because he wanted to be right where the "big boys" were playing. Every time we looked up, he was over with his glove trying to play catch with the Little League players. The highlight of the day came as we were packing up and he ran over to say goodbye to the baseball players. They gave him high fives and you wouldn't believe how his face lit up. That was the best birthday present he'd gotten all day. So cute!

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Zoo

We went to the NC zoo a couple weekends ago and although it was very tiring, we had a good time with the boys. Most of the animals were sleeping so I think Knox's favorite part was chasing some girls around a tree. Maybe the merry go round and train ride too. Levi took all his naps on the go and seemed to enjoy being outside for the day.

Ride home after a busy day

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Durham Bulls Game

We braved the cold front and the chance of rain when we went to a Durham Bulls game Sunday night. Knox brought his glove and was so excited... until we entered the stadium. The loud organ music and announcer voice scared him immediately and he was shaking on my lap for the first 20 minutes. After I explained everything to him and we clapped and sang a little, he was all about it. He had popcorn and fried dough for dinner and Levi took a little nap on Ty. Knox was able to run the bases at the end and that was definitely the highlight of the night.

sweet boys

The Harding hat looks like a little swimmers cap when he's naked.

The boys enjoy riding next to each other on walks.

For my birthday, a friend delivered balloons. One happened to fly up to the ceiling and the picture below shows Knox's attempts to rescue it ( notice the baby chair was not quite tall enough).

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Just a few pictures of our Easter weekend. A motivated family from church hosted a big egg hunt and Easer lunch on Saturday. On Sunday we were blessed with a great lunch at Fosters and a beautiful sunny day!